Our interview with Jeremy Clarkson and James May, plus SEMA! | Autoblog Podcast #491

This week, David Gluckman and Mike Austin talk SEMA madness, mis-aligned steering wheels, wireless charging, McLarens (they're sports cars!), and decals. We also have an excerpt from a recent interview with James May and Jeremy Clarkson of The Grand Tour and Top Gear fame. As always, we talk about a variety of cars we've been driving and then respond to some questions from listeners. And as a bonus, there's a trivia question mixed in.

The rundown is below. Remember, if you have a car-related question you'd like us to answer or you want questionable buying advice of your very own, send a message or a voice memo to podcast at autoblog dot com. Oh, and please send trivia questions! You'll get the honor of stumping your fellow listeners, and we'll thank you too.

Autoblog Podcast #491

Topics and stories we mention
  • Intro - 00:00
  • The news - 02:15
  • Clarkson/May interview excerpt - 17:12
  • What we've been driving - 21:12
  • Ad of the Week - 39:02
  • Spend My Money/listener questions - 44:13
Total Duration: 57:05

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