The presence of personal and last-mile mobility is growing at the LA Auto Show. For 2016, the show's "GO" displays will feature vehicles, devices, and services that are meant to improve mobility and offer alternative modes of transportation to traditional cars and car ownership. In addition to the previous announcement of offerings from Arcimoto and Whill, the Honda Uni-Cub, URB-e folding electric scooter, and more, the LA Auto Show has also announced the addition of the Toyota i-Road, Ford GoBike and FordPass, Navdy's augmented driving tech, Just Ride LA bike shop, DYNABike e-bikes, and others to its lineup. Read all about it in the LA Show's press release.

Wrightspeed powers the first commercial application of a range-extended garbage truck. Retrofitted with Wrightspeed's Route powertrain, the Ratto Group will put into service in Northern California more than 15 range-extended electric garbage, recycling, and compost trucks over the next year. The launch of the first of these trucks marks "a milestone for Sonoma County in terms of improving local air quality and upholding environmental standards," says Sonoma County Chairman of the Board, Efren Carrillo. He adds, "We applaud Wrightspeed and The Ratto Group for their commitment to innovation and for blazing a path for the future of solid and compostable waste, as well as recycling in Sonoma County and beyond." Read more in the press release from Wrightspeed.

Formula E highlights its emissions-free charging powered by glycerin. While battery electric vehicles themselves don't produce emissions, energy producers often do. To adhere to its commitment of sustainability while making the series logistically possible, Formula E charges its vehicles using mobile generators provided by Aquafuel Research. These generators are adapted to run on glycerin, a byproduct of biodiesel manufacturing. In addition to extremely low emissions and efficiency as a fuel – not to mention edibility (see the video above) – glycerin's lubricity and cleanliness helps keep the generators and their emissions filters clean and in working order. In the near future, glycerin could be sourced from saltwater algae. Read more from Formula E.

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