Chevy imagines the ultimate surf wagon with Colorado Z71 Hurley concept

  • Image Credit: Drew Phillips
Wagons and vans have been the traditional, or perhaps stereotypical, favorites for the surfer set. However, Chevrolet's Colorado Z71 Hurley concept makes the case that a truck can do just as well, and maybe better, since it comes with features designed to make beach outings radically tubular.

Starting on the outside, the most obvious addition is the bed cover and surf board rack. The latter is self-explanatory, but the bed cover, in addition to providing a place to put boards, also has a canvas covering to provide a nice shaded base camp on the beach. Lower in the bed, Chevy adapted a Thule cargo rack for drying wetsuits and storing things like water bottles. The truck also comes with a concept suspension lift and off-road tires. On top of that, the company also added a concept air snorkel. We're not entirely sure why that was necessary (really huge tides?), but, in case your truck wants in on the aquatic fun, too, it's there.

To complete the Colorado's look, Chevy used a matte-finish "Seafoam Green" paint and a smattering of subtle Hurley logos in the same color. And of course, Chevrolet added a few official accessories. Among them are some off-road lights, a light-up bow tie, and some literally tubular side steps. Inside, the seats are covered with ventiprene in matching green and brown shades. This material is water-resistant and similar to what wetsuits are made of. Naturally, Hurley logos appear throughout the cabin, too.

Chevy's surf-friendly Colorado is a thoughtful concept, and it might have beach bums reconsidering their next vehicle.

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