Let's get one thing out of the way – a sidecar makes any motorcycle cooler. But managing a sidecar is just a smidge different, and Ural Motorcycles, a brand defined by its love of side-by-side rigs, wants motorcyclists to understand that.

To that end, the company has released an amusing video with a 1950s aesthetic that would feel right at home in the Fallout universe. There's an overly cheery male voiceover, a vintage film grain look, and some genuinely amusing cinematography. All we need is Vault Boy on the bike to complete the unintentional Fallout aesthetic. But aside from an entertaining callout to overly cheery historical videos and post-apocalyptic video games, there's some good stuff here for folks that might not know much about riding bikes (like your author).

The video is an easy to digest 3:25, and offers sound advice on how to manage the extra weight, unique riding characteristics, and attention that come with sidecar living. If you're at all curious about riding the most comfortable kind of two-passenger bike, have a look – and then check out our full First Ride of the 2014 Ural Gear Up sidecar motorcycle, which we drove a little while back.

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