Stars Selling Cars

Action star Danny Trejo tries his hand at selling cars | Stars Selling Cars

It's been a crazy ride since the first episode of Stars Selling Cars. We've seen the best and worst our celebrities had to offer, but it always ended in a good time. For our season finale we saved possibly our scariest celebrity for this special Halloween edition of the show. Danny Trejo, one of the most threatening men in Hollywood, takes to the lot in a wig as the overtly friendly "Bob" and tries to sell cars to potential customers.

To begin his training, our sales pro tells Danny that he's already got a leg up since selling is similar to acting. However, the self-aware actor responds with "The roles that I play I'd go ' buy this car or I'll kill ya.'"

Trejo shows a bit of his famous tough-guy demeanor when explaining to a customer why they can't take a test drive. "I've got a warrant out under the name of Danny so, I'm Bob right now but we can't take this one out right now," he says, subtly outing himself to the unsuspecting buyer.

Of course, you'll have to tune in to see if a sale was made. We hope you enjoyed the first season of the show. We sure enjoyed making it. Check back to Autoblog every week for more original content like Translogic and The List and we hope to be back soon with more hilarious episodes of Stars Selling Cars.

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