Hyundai offers discounts to owners done with dirty VW diesels

For Volkswagen owners that aren't satisfied with getting a payout from the company to make up for dirty emissions, and need to rid themselves of their polluting machines, Hyundai may have a solution. The South Korean automaker is now offering Friends and Family Pricing Plus on new Hyundais for owners of 2.0-liter diesel Volkswagens. A Hyundai spokesperson said it's "an alternative to potentially orphaned diesel owners that will be entering the market for a new vehicle."

This discounted pricing plan, as listed by a dealer in Tampa, Florida, starts with the gross dealer invoice price, which includes destination and advertising fees. From there, the buyer gets $1,250 off the purchase price, as well as 3-percent off of the MSRP, excluding destination charges. Also, any current Hyundai incentives can be added to the Friends and Family Pricing discounts. A list of the eligible VW models is below: These incentives certainly make the prospect of a new Hyundai rather attractive, especially for VW owners with that sweet settlement money burning a hole through their wallets. The question is, will owners of these cars find any current Hyundais they like as much as their VWs?

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