Distracted trucker sentenced to prison for causing pileup

A London truck driver was sentenced to eight months in prison and had his license suspended this week after causing a massive accident on a North London highway while staring at his phone.

According to Metro, Razvan Rusu injured two drivers and caused a huge pileup in March of 2015 when he plowed into slow-moving traffic on the M1 in Edgware, London. Dashcam footage from Rusu's cab, which was released this week, shows him staring at his phone for more than a mile instead of watching the road ahead. After the crash, Rusu fled to his native Romania, but was arrested when he returned later to the UK. Rusu plead guilty to dangerous driving on October 10, and was incarcerated at Harrow Crown Court. He also lost his license for three years and must take an extensive retest to get a new one.

"Rarely is it possible to see such a clear example of the risks some drivers are willing to take with mobile phones and the danger that using them whilst driving can cause," Detective Sergeant Stephen Pidgeon of the Metro Police's Serious Collision Investigation Unit told Metro. "It is only down to the quick thinking of one of the drivers who moved just before impact that there weren't multiple serious injuries or even worse. That the driver was willing to take these risks whilst being aware that he was being filmed is even more incredible.'

AAA states that distracted driving is one of the biggest threats to motorists on America's roads and highways. Estimates by the federal government suggest that distracted driving–which includes eating at the wheel, fooling around with radios/nav systems, or using a cellphone–contributes to 16% of all fatal crashes, and leads to roughly 5,000 deaths every year.

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