Volkswagen has all-American ambitions for its three-row SUV

Volkswagen has lofty ambitions for its three-row sport utility vehicle. Though it's rumored to be called Atlas, VW isn't thinking globally here – just the all-important US market – where it has floundered recently amid the toxic diesel-emissions scandal. With one vehicle, VW hopes to turn the page. Today, the first chapter of that begins, as Volkswagen released a short teaser video highlighting the SUV's mission and capability.

The clip shows soaring views of American parks and waterfalls, feeding the notion that this ute can be a vehicle for families and their modern Manifest Destiny. "Our country is so vast, and Americans, they like to drive," Jim Burch, Volkswagen of America product manager, says in the video.

VW hasn't confirmed the name, though we know a good deal about it. We've already driven it, and the SUV can seat up to seven passengers. It will have a potent V6 engine and offer all-wheel drive. It's expected to be revealed this Thursday, October 27.

Regardless, it's a potential game-changer for VW, expanding the company's reach into a crucial market segment and moving on from the diesel mess. "Up to now, we're are more known as a small car company, and now coming with this midsize SUV, it's a product which is really giving the brand coverage, which it did not have before," says Hinrich Woebcken, CEO of VW's North American region.

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