A civilian riding along with an officer from the Madera, California Police Department certainly got a full experience of being an officer after a simple traffic stop devolved into a chase and shooting spree on Sunday.

Police in Madera are still looking for the assailants that refused to stop for the officer last weekend, the LATimes reported. Instead the perpetrators ran and showered the pursuing officer (and his civilian ride-along companion) in a storm of bullets. On the video, the police vehicle pulled up behind a white Mazda early Sunday morning. He turned on his lights and sirens, but the Mazda driver made no indication of pulling over.

"He is not stopping. You're kidding me," the passenger can be heard saying. The officer was chasing the Mazda around a corner when the passenger spotted something in the fleeing car's window. "He has a gun. No, no, no, no, no."

The suspect fired 13 rounds at the police cruiser in total, two of which pierced the windshield of the cruiser. The officer was unable to continue the pursuit once his car was damaged. The officer was okay, but his ride along companion suffered minor cuts and bruises. The suspects are still at large.

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