Stars Selling Cars

Yvette Nicole Brown from Community sells cars for us | Stars Selling Cars

What can we say about Community's Yvette Nicole Brown? She's charismatic, high energy, and absolutely hilarious. If we were scoring these episodes on laughs-per-minute, this one might take the cake. After putting on a wig which she says makes her feel like one of The Beatles, she takes to the lot as the fictional Sheila to try her luck at selling a car.

One particularly hilarious exchange happens between Yvette and a mother-son duo shopping for his first car. The son immediately eyes a pickup truck in the corner of the lot prompting an exasperated scoff from his mom. Yvette encourages the son to try to open the door, which was of course locked. When it doesn't open she drops the hilarious line, "You better know when the Lord's speaking to you, son!"

As always, to see if she makes the sale, you'll have to tune in. Sale or no sale, you won't want to miss this episode of Stars Selling Cars. Tune in next week on Halloween to see if Machete himself, Danny Trejo, is up to the challenge!

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