Neiman Marcus adds $65,000 Fiat 600 Jolly look-alike to Fantasy Gifts collection

Neiman Marcus recently released its Fantasy Gifts collection - a part of its Christmas catalog - that includes his and hers Island Cars featuring bespoke touches by Lilly Pulitzer. The vehicles are customized versions of the Island Car built by Island Car Limited in West Palm Beach, FL. The compact beach machines are manufactured to look like the Fiat 600 Jollys that were made in 1959 and from 1961 to 1964. The new ones cost $65,000 each.

Neiman Marcus' Island Cars comes with signature Lilly Pulitzer prints, towels, tote bags, swim trucks for him, as well as a caftan (a long, loose dress) for her. Other than these extras, the beach-oriented cars share a lot of the same components as the ones built by Island Car Limited. The vehicles are built off a composite construction and compared to an original Jolly are lower, wider, and have more storage space.

The Island Cars are powered by the company's own electric motors and lightweight batteries. Island Car Limited doesn't say what kind of range or batteries the compacts have, so we're assuming the vehicles are Neighborhood Electric Vehicles. While $65,000 is a lot of money for an electric vehicle that doesn't have doors, Hagerty values the average price of a 1964 600 Jolly at $44,400. Looking for something more powerful from the Neiman Marcus catalogue? There's always the Infiniti Q60 Red Sport.

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