Henrik Fisker reveals the face of his upcoming electric vehicle

The EV is a mix of Tesla and the dead Fisker Karma.

Henrik Fisker, once again, took to Twitter to release another image of his new company's, Fisker Inc., 400-mile electric vehicle. This time, the Tweet revealed the front end of the upcoming car.

The picture, which has the patina of old video game CGI, hints at a design more likely to be seen on a Matchbox car instead of an actual street-legal vehicle. According to Fisker, the front of the car is heavily influenced by aerodynamics. Besides the grille-less front end, a feature also found on the refreshed Tesla Model S, the vehicle is fitted with adaptive LED headlights, as well as a centrally-located radar and camera sensor combination.

A few days ago, Fisker Tweeted out a side profile of the vehicle with its gorgeous dihedral doors. It was a promising tease for the rest of the design. But the reptilian front end looks doesn't really do anything for this writer. It's almost hard to believe that the same man that created this vehicle also designed the Aston Martin DB9 and Aston Martin V8 Vantage.

The upcoming electric car from Fisker Inc. is meant to serve as a "spiritual successor" to the now-dead Fisker Karma (and resurrected as the Karma Revero). Other than revealing that the vehicle will have butterfly doors, Fisker stated the car will be "sporty and spacious" and not much else. The new car, which is expected to come out late next year, will be the first for Fisker Inc. and will have battery technology from the company's own division – Fisker Nanotech.

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