A trucker jumped on his CB radio and called in for back up after he spotted a suspect drunk driver swerving all over Highway 84 outside of Portland, Oregon. But just how drunk the driver was shocked even the hardened big rig driver.

The unnamed trucker and his female companion filmed the chase as they followed a car swerving over two lanes of traffic and on to the shoulder of the highway, according to 9news. The red car in front of the truck couldn't seem to stay in a lane. The trucker on the video sent out a call to his trucking buddies over CB radio that the driver needed to be stopped. He also got a hold of the police. While on the line with dispatch, the driver suddenly stopped in the right hand lane.

Suspicions about the driver's sobriety were validated when the male driver stumbled out of his car and urinated in the middle of the road. He could barely stand and ended up leaning against his car. When the driver tried to get back into his vehicle, a fellow trucker angled his big rig across both lanes to traffic to block the car driver from leaving. With a semi in front and behind him, the drive had nowhere to go. He then crawled into the passenger seat.

"This is what we do on the road. This is what happens," the trucker can be heard saying off camera. "Never a dull moment."

Shortly after the two trucks blocked in the intoxicated man the police showed up and put the alleged drunk driver in handcuffs. These truckers are the most helpful we've seen since the truck drivers in China who sacrificed their rigs to save a town from flooding.

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