Lamborghini owner forgives teen for using car as a bike ramp

Dumb teenager does dumb teenage stuff.

A teenager in Singapore got off shockingly easy after he was caught on camera riding his bike across the hood of a Lamborghini last week.

According to The New Paper, Izzadnaff Abdul Qusyairl was on his way to play some games at a local arcade in Bedok, Singapore, when he saw a bright yellow Lamborghini Gallardo parked outside of Bedok Stadium. Being a dumb teenager, Izzadnaff decided to pull a stunt he saw on YouTube. Izzadnaff rode his bike up the hood and over the top of the Lambo. Unfortunately for him, the Lambo's dashcam was on and caught him in the act.

The Lambo's owner, Aaron Keder, uploaded the footage to Facebook, kicking off an internet manhunt for the young cyclist. Qusyairl's mother got wind of the situation and quickly took matters into her own hands by first giving her son a stern talking to and then contacting Keder through a mutual friend.

"Izzadnaff is usually obedient. I don't know what happened to him that day," she told New Paper. "He was very afraid to admit to his mistake after that, but I told him that he had done something wrong, so he had to stand up and admit his mistake."

Thankfully, Keder seemed to have a good sense of humor about the incident and agreed to sit down with the abashed teen and sort the situation out.

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