A snake found its way into the engine bay of Florida man's car earlier this week and emerged while he was driving down the freeway

According to WPLG, Tim Mokwa was driving home on U.S. 19 in Denedin when, much to his surprise, a huge black snake slithered out from under the hood of his car. He quickly pulled into a Walmart parking lot. He sat inside of the car and shot a video as the six foot long creature slithered on his hood and windshield before finally disappearing from view.

Mokwa told WPLG he was unsure what kind of snake it was that emerged from his car. He stated that he visited Weeki Wachee State Park over the weekend, and he believes that's when the snake found its way into his vehicle.

Snakes hiding in engine bays is nothing new. Back in March, a big African Rock Python coiled up for a nap in a farmer's Ford Ranger and was to be forcibly evicted.

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