Recharge Wrap-up: Autocar drives NanoFlowcell concepts, Tesla owner catches valet's joyride

Ultra-E announces 350-kW chargers for Europe.

  • Image Credit: Drew Phillips
NanoFlowcell let someone outside the company drive one of its cars. The company, which has created some impressive concept EVs to showcase its saltwater batteries, allowed Autocar behind the wheel of its Quant FE and Quantino at a test track in Switzerland. The seat time confirms NanoFlowcell's technology (refuelable batteries powered by an electrolyte-filled liquid) works, and the company says it is in talks with an automaker to put the Quantino into production. While Autocar says the Quant FE "accelerates like a Tesla Model S on heavy stimulants," the Quantino "drives as a compact electric car should." Read more at Autocar, or at Green Car Reports.

A Tesla Model S owner believes he caught a valet joyriding in his car by checking the data usage logs. Bob Wolin of Houston noticed the spike in energy consumption during the time the valet had the car, and estimates the driver drove up to 90 mph. Wolin has requested the complete data logs from Tesla in order to get a more complete picture of his car's treatment. If he lets someone else park his car in the future, perhaps Wolin should make use of the car's Valet Mode. Read more at Electrek .

The Ultra-E project has announced 25 new "ultra-fast" chargers along the trans-European transport network. Ultra-E – a partnership between the European Union, Audi, BMW, Renault, and other entities – says the chargers are capable of an output up to 350 kW. That is more than double what any current passenger electric car is capable of, so the chargers should be considered quick even as EVs become more advanced. While electric trucks and buses can take advantage of the fast charging rate in the meantime, Ultra-E expects passenger cars capable of 350-kW charging to arrive by the expected completion of the network in 2018. The network connects Austria, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Read more at Electrek.

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