Recharge Wrap-up: See a Tesla figure out a car is braking two vehicles ahead, NextEV opens North American HQ.

Missouri sues VW; Tesla plans "Service-Plus Outlet" in Ireland.

See a Tesla Model X with Autopilot react to an emergency braking situation two cars ahead. In a video from Tesla enthusiast extraordinaire, Bjørn Nyland, three cars drive in single file to demonstrate to replicate the scenario. Driving at about 30 mph, the driver of the lead car counts down, then brakes hard. On the rear Tesla's display, the lead car turns white when it's seen to be braking, and the rear car responds on its own, safely coming to a stop. Nyland, of course, is excited. See the video above, and read more at Teslarati.

Tesla is entering Ireland with its first showroom. Opening in 2017, the Service-Plus Outlet, as it is called, will allow shoppers to learn about the cars in detail, and owners can also have their cars serviced there. The outlet will likely open in Dublin. Tesla is also opening four new Supercharger stations in Dublin, with others planned for other cities in Ireland. Read more at Teslarati.

Missouri is suing Volkswagen over diesel emissions violations. The state filed the lawsuit on October 17, making it the 17th state to sue the automaker. " Volkswagen's actions demonstrate a flagrant disregard for Missouri's environmental laws, as well as the health and welfare of Missourians," says the state's Attorney General Chris Koster. Also, San Francisco is trying to decide whether to settle a suit with VW, allowing owners to sell back their affected cars or get them repaired. Read more at Automotive News.

NextEV has opened its North American headquarters in San Jose, California. The 85,000 square-foot facility will employ about 400 people, and will serve as the company's center for global software development. "The new space will enable us to continue to build the team and bring in amazing talent to create a next-generation, autonomous electric vehicle that will change the entire experience of owning and operating a car," says US CEO Padmasree Warrior. "Our new autonomous vehicle permit will now allow us to gather more data to perfect our intelligent, electric vehicles for the road." Read more in the press release from NextEV.

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