A Turkish mechanic got a nasty surprise earlier this month when he discovered that wild dogs had vandalized his car.

According to the New York Daily News, a mechanic in the Sakarya discovered that someone had ripped the bumper cover off his Toyota Corolla for some reason. Since the car had been left parked in front of his shop, he checked surveillance footage from a nearby camera and was shocked to see that his car had been vandalized by a pack of wild dogs.

In the video, a large group of dogs scopes the car out. First they sniffed around the passenger door, then around the right-front wheel. One enterprising dog eventually took the initiative and started pulling at the bumper cover. Within moments, the animals removed the cover and were trying to access the engine bay through small openings in the front end.

No one is quite sure what the dogs were after, but whatever it was must have been potentially delicious enough to make them vandalize an innocent car.

This isn't the first time an animal has decided to pull the bumper off a car for no apparent reason. Back in August, a Siberian Tiger tore the bumper off a Volkswagen Jetta in a Chinese safari park and dragged it into the woods, much to the surprise of the car's occupants.

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