Driving over bridges can be terrifying. It doesn't take a gephyrophobic to be worried about having your tiny vehicle blown into a gorge or a large stretch of unforgiving water. That is particularly true of the Golden Gate Bridge. One woman was so frozen with fear last month she couldn't even start the journey across. Luckily, a San Francisco officer with a lot of patience and understanding helped her make the crossing.

Torri Forbes was on her way to a friend's wedding last month, but the only way to get there was to cross the Golden Gate Bridge, Stuff.co.nz reported. She made it to the starting gate, but then she froze. She tried to move her car, but ended up panicking that she wouldn't be able to make it across and pulled over to the side. While speaking on the phone with her sons for encouragement, Forbes noticed a police officer pulling up behind her.

"I know I gotta go, I'm just scared," she told the officer before breaking down into tears again. She told the officer she was worried about passing out due to her fear. The officer then made a remarkable offer.

"I'll be behind you the whole time. Just take it nice and slow," the unnamed officer said. He assured her everything would be fine and she could take all the time she needed. Later, Forbes wrote online thanking the officer for his reassurance, saying he helped her conquer one of her biggest fears.

"He calmed me, told me things I would later repeat over and over to help me as I was crossing, while following me with his lights on across the bridge," she wrote. " I faced my biggest fear, and conquered it."

Being too freaked out to cross a bridge is a fairly common fear. In Maryland the problem was so acute that there is now a company that will lend a driver to take over for people too scared to make it across the 4.3-mile Chesapeake Bay bridge.

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