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NBA champion Rick Fox dons a disguise to sell cars | Stars Selling Cars

The 6'7" basketball star even climbs into a trunk.

It's hard to sell cars. It's even harder to sell cars while wearing a disguise. And it's almost impossible to sell cars and wear a disguise when you're a 6-foot-7, three-time NBA champion. But Rick Fox does whatever it takes on the used car lot ... even if it means climbing into a trunk.

The champ throws on a cowboy hat and a Milton nametag before he takes to the lot to meet our unsuspecting car shoppers. Rick bonds with customers over their shared love of basketball, climbs into several trunks, and possibly steals a customer's girlfriend. What can we say? He's a suave guy.

Will the experience be a slam dunk? You know the drill, you'll have to watch to find out. Tune in next week Monday at noon to see Kate Flannery of The Office fame try her hand at car sales. It's sure to be another hilarious episode of Stars Selling Cars!

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