This man put his E30 BMW M3 in his living room as Hurricane Matthew loomed

For a car guy without a garage, storms can be a nightmare, and a hurricane can be even worse. However, BMW Blog showed how an enterprising E30 M3 owner has demonstrated that with a bit of quick thinking you can still provide your prized ride with shelter. The owner in question, who goes by the name of Jalilsup on Instagram, was faced with that nightmare scenario as Hurricane Matthew prepared to pummel the East Coast. Instead of surrendering to the storm, he wheeled the M3 up to the twin doors of his home and proceeded to thread it in to a safe spot in the living room. You can see all of his photos here.

Unfortunately, if you only have single doors at your house, you're out of luck. Actually, you might even be out of luck with double doors. As you can see in the video below, it was a tight fit for this little M3, and this author can speak from experience that even small cars don't necessarily fit double doors.

Just got her out the house. #hurricanematthew #doubledoors

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One night at my college in Kansas, with a big hail storm approaching, some friends held open the dorm's front doors to see if we could maybe squeeze my Miata inside (everyone else had hidden their cars in storage sheds or were counting on insurance). Even with the mirrors folded, it didn't quite make it. So if you're counting on this method for sparing your car, you should probably take some measurements first. And if it doesn't fit, maybe it's time for some remodeling.

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