Trucker with two phones may be the most distracted driver we've ever seen

Public service announcements about the dangers of driving distracted must not have made much of an impression on this truck driver, who was caught speeding down a freeway in Cheshire, England, with two phones in hand.

The footage was capture by Cheshire Police using a 'ghost truck', an unmarked truck used by police since 2015 to catch distracted drivers, the Manchester Evening News reported. The program seems to be a success, as this driver is probably one of the most distracted we've ever seen. The driver was caught speaking on one phone and texting with the other. He figured out that he can drive a huge truck on a freeway using only his forearm.

He was fined and had points deducted from his license. The ghost truck was loaned to police by Highways England. Because it's an elevated truck police can see into cars to look for texting drivers. This single ghost truck helped stop 2,700 distracted drivers since it was put on the road in April of 2015.

Distracted driving isn't just for cell phones of course. The Sentinel mentioned several other egregious examples of distracted driving caught by the ghost truck, such as a man boiling water on his dashboard. Another was caught reading a book. Distracted driving is a terrible problem here in the states as well. According to, 3,179 people were killed, and 431,000 were injured in motor vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers in 2014.

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