South Korean guy rides his scooter all the way to the Nurburgring

Over 11,000 miles with 110 cc of fury underneath him.

It's a story of extreme determination. Imagine starting up your humble scooter in Seoul, South Korea, setting off and not stopping before you reach your destination over 11,000 miles away in Germany. Lee Jaeyeong did just that, riding his eight-horsepower, 110-cc Honda Super Cub through Asia, Russia, Italy, and Switzerland just to get to the Nürburgring, documenting the entire three-month journey on his Instagram feed. This is downright The Straight Story kind of stuff. Video of his first ride on the 'Ring, the reason he made the trip, is above.

And what better way to celebrate the successful trip than a lap or two of the 'Ring? In addition to completing a well-deserved tour of the Nordschleife on his trusty Honda scooter, late in the evening as all the Porsches and BMWs headed home, Lee was also able to passenger in a track-prepared SEAT Leon Cupra – driven by a properly fast driver. His excitement in the video is particularly palpable.

The best thing is Lee isn't heading home just yet. Now that he's made it to Europe with his scooter, Lee's going to ride around the continent, seeing some more sights and twisty roads. He might well be the petrolhead of the year.

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