The auto industry is dominated by traditional, entrenched players. But, now that cars are as much about software, tech and connectivity as they are about powertrains and sheet metal, startups are poised to have a bigger impact on the industry than ever before. This panel discussion features Karl Iagnemma of nuTonomy, Jessica Robinson of Ford Smart Mobility, Sherif Marakby of Uber, and Daniel Bilbao of Beppi, and is moderated by Sam Abuelsamid of Navigant Research.

Read partial bios of the panelists below:

Karl Iagnemma is CEO and Co-founder of nuTonomy, an MIT spin-off company focused on developing state-of-the-art software for autonomous urban driving. As CEO, Karl has established nuTonomy's US and Singapore offices, spearheaded nuTonomy's oversubscribed $20M fundraising efforts, and led the recruitment of a world-class 40+ person technical team.

Jessica Robinson is Director, City Solutions at Ford Smart Mobility where she works with cities to understand local priorities and to identify new mobility solutions to meet current and future transportation needs. She previously launched new startup accelerator programs at Techstars with partners including Virgin Media, Cox Enterprises, and Anheuser-Busch InBev to further a global ecosystem focused on empowering entrepreneurs.

Sherif Marakby is Vice President of Global Vehicle Programs at Uber. He is located at Uber's Advanced Technologies Center in Pittsburgh, PA, where he oversees Uber's Vehicle Programs, manufacturer strategy, and technology integration efforts.

Daniel Bilbao is VP of Business Development and Growth at Beepi. Daniel is charged with overseeing Beepi's partnerships with established industry leaders such as Ally Financial, Adesa and others and facilitating Beepi's growth through the development of use car leasing and ancillary products like warrantees and Beepi Blue, our new offering to sell older vehicles at auction.

Sam Abuelsamid is a senior research analyst contributing to Navigant Research's Transportation Efficiencies program, with a focus on alternative fuels, autonomous vehicles, telematics, connectivity and cybersecurity. Trained as a mechanical engineer, Abuelsamid worked in the automobile industry for 22 years, helping to develop advanced braking and control systems and embedded software.

Full bios can be found here.
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