Here's Italian patriotism in the form of Lambos, Ducatis, and jets

We're proud 'Muricans here at Autoblog, but we can't deny that other countries can be pretty darn cool, too. A perfect example comes to us from Lamborghini... and Ducati and the Italian Air Force. Apparently the trio came together to celebrate Italy building fast things.

The event happened at Rivolto Air Base, where Lambo and Ducati demonstrated the speed and agility of their machines on the runways, and the Italian National Aerobatics Team did the same in the skies while recreating the Italian flag. Lucky for us, they got video of the event, which is above for your viewing pleasure. Now someone needs to start organizing an American version of this, with the Blue Angels, Corvettes, GTs, and Vipers. The Stars and Stripes might be a little tougher to skywrite, though.

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