Watch a team from Hagerty build a Model A from swap meet parts

If you're looking for classic car parts, the annual swap meet in Hershey, Pennsylvania (with 9,000 stalls for vendors!) is the perfect place to go. This is good news for a team from collector vehicle insurer Hagerty because, for the second year in a row, they're going to build a car almost entirely from parts obtained at the meet, and have it completed before the meet is over. There's even a livestream of the build which you can watch above.

The project this year is a 1930 Ford Model A, and all the team had to start with was a rolling frame with a non-functioning engine and drivetrain. Everything else will be bought and assembled at the meet. The goal is to have a running, driving Model A by the end of Friday. After that they plan to drive it 750 miles back to Hagerty headquarters in Traverse City, Michigan.

It won't be easy to finish the whole car by the end of the meet, but it's not an impossible task. Last year another group from Hagerty built a 1946 Ford pick-up truck at Hershey and it managed to make it home. And while that project started with a usable cab, it didn't have any sort of engine. This year's group also has the benefit of having a car that's one of roughly 4.8 million sold worldwide, and had parts that could be interchanged among model years.

The team started yesterday, and it appears they've made some solid progress. Just today, we spotted a sedan body sitting in the tent, and the cylinder head has been pulled off the engine. So at the very least, whoever will be driving the A back will have some shelter from the elements.

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