A mom and her 18-month-old baby are safe thanks to a quick-thinking English police officer who stepped in just in the nick of time earlier this year. Police constable Daniel Pattison responded to reports of an out-of-control Peugeot 208 on the M1 near Leicestershire in early April. The car was swerving all over the M1 and crashing into the concrete barriers.

When Pattison looked into the vehicle he saw a woman blacked out in the driver's seat. He immediately felt dread when he saw the unconscious woman, and the baby in the back seat. "Her head completely thrown back and she was staring at the roof of the car. She was obviously unconscious," Pattison told the Leicester Mercury. "I thought 'This is going to end up with her and the baby getting killed.'"

The unnamed 34-year-old driver was unconscious at the wheel of her vehicle while careening down one of Britain's busiest freeways. Pattison radioed for backup, but with help over 25 miles away he knew he had to act alone. He attempted several times to send the speeding Peugeot into the concrete barrier, but it didn't help. Finally, Pattison used his own cruiser to finally stop the car.

The driver was in a diabetic coma and had no recollection of the dangerous driving. When she came to, she told the BBC she was very emotional over what had happened. "Had it not been for the actions of the officers bringing my car to a stop, I dread to think what the outcome may have been or how many people could have been involved in a potentially fatal accident," she told the BBC.

Police released the footage in September in honor of Pattison receiving the Chief Constable's Commendation for his heroic acts.

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