F1 engineers obsess over every detail, down to the last bolt

In the world of Formula 1, engineers are notorious for being detail-oriented. How detail-oriented? Well, Red Bull Racing helps explain that by showing the enormous amount of work that goes into one of the tiniest parts of the car, a single bolt.

In this beautiful video, which features not a single spoken word, we see the whole process of creating a bolt for a Red Bull F1 car. It starts out with an engineer drawing on a piece of paper, and then soon moving onto 3D modeling. Detailed engineering drawings are made up, and then sent to a machinist to custom make the bolt. Then comes careful examination with micrometers and microscopes to ensure quality. Afterward, it gets a laser-etched part number and packed into a bag to go to the warehouse until the day comes where it's put on the car.

If this seems like a ridiculous amount of effort for a bolt, it sort of is, but it's for a good reason. When it comes to professional motorsports, the smallest component failure can cost a team a race. Toyota learned this lesson at this year's 24 Hours of Le Mans. An air line failure tragically cost the team victory on the final lap. With that in mind, it's easy to understand why some Grade 8 bolts from the hardware store wouldn't be adequate for a Formula 1 team.

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