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Tesla Hearse is the perfect time to use AutoPilot

When it's time to go, there's now a luxury EV option from RemetzCar.

If there's ever a car ride in which you don't have a lot of control over what you're riding in, it's your last one in a hearse. While burial rituals vary tremendously around the world, anyone who wants to go out in a blaze of green will likely agree that this is a classy way to do it. Say hello to the Tesla Hearse.

Dutch stretch car builder RemetzCar is now offering to turn your Tesla Model S into a glass-canopied funeral coach. And if there was ever a time where Autopilot would be tremendously appropriate, a final ride from the funeral home to the burial site seems like the ideal time. If RemetzCar could get Tesla to figure out a way to make it driver in a slow, somber fashion, the ghostly impact of pulling up without a driver must certainly appeal to some.

There have been ideas for other green-minded hearses before, from plug-in hybrids to fuel cell rides. RemetzCars is displaying the Model S mod at the 2016 Funeral Exhibition this week.

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