Elderly man fights angry bull to protect a Ford Ranger

I'd fight a bull for a Ranger, too.

An elderly Kiwi man decided to play matador on his birthday last week and sparred with an angry bull to protect a Ford Ranger.

According to TVNZ, Whetu Konia, his sons, and his father Mac were visiting a cemetery in Tikitiki, New Zealand, on September 24. Whetu had left his vehicle, a white Ford Ranger, parked in a pasture that abutted the cemetery while the four men visited, and it attracted the attention of a bull named Rex. The bull trotted over to the truck and, apparently mistaking the Ford for a new heifer, decided to introduce himself by pawing at the ground and butting the rear end of the truck with his head.

Whetu immediately pulled out his phone to record the incident. His father Mac, who had turned 81-year-old that day and was feeling his oats, decided to take action and climbed over the fence to confront the bull.

"Oh my god, here we go!" said Whetu in a video he posted to Facebook. "This guy's birthday today and he's not gonna make 82."

Once in the pasture, Mac grabbed a large water bottle and chucked it at the bull to shoo it away from the truck. The situation escalated quickly, with man and bull chasing each other around the truck and the three younger Konias shouting for Mac to come out of the pasture before he got gored. Eventually Mac chased the bull away from the truck and, much to the relief of his family, he returned to his family.

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