Nissan exec talks about smaller Leaf, and maybe a CUV EV as well

The Renault Zoe could provide the underpinnings for a new Nissan electric vehicle.

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  • Nissan IDS Concept front 3/4
  • Nissan IDS Concept front side view
  • Nissan IDS Concept: Tokyo 2015
  • Nissan IDS Concept side view
  • Nissan IDS Concept rear 3/4
  • Nissan IDS Concept front view
The Renault Zoe is a popular electric vehicle in Europe, and it gives buyers on the continent a zero-emissions option that's smaller than the Nissan Leaf. Here in the US, Nissan only offers its one all-electric passenger vehicle, but the company might be taking a page from its corporate partner to offer a smaller Leaf in the near future.

According to Gareth Dunsmore, Nissan EV European head, Nissan is thinking about both a smaller EV based on the Zoe and larger, all-electric SUV/CUV. "We've invested $5.4 billion in electric cars such as the Leaf, so we need to ensure we're satisfying as many types of customer as possible," he said. "In Europe, that could mean looking towards B-segment hatches and SUVs or crossovers," according to Auto Express. "If we look towards crossovers or the B-segment for the next car, those could make perfect sense."

As for what we actually know about the next-gen Leaf, details are scarce. We did get confirmation that a 200-mile range update is in the works, but information on timing and other details are still something we're waiting for. Let's throw the idea of a smaller Leaf into the rumormill and see when Nissan starts talking. The gallery above shows off the Nissan IDS concept, which was shown at the Tokyo Motor Show last year.

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