European truck maker Scania came up with a seriously cool publicity stunt to show off their vehicles: an accurate, working clock made out of tractor trailers.

According to Gizmodo, Scania rounded up fourteen new trucks with attached box trailers, ninety drivers, and a ton of support staff and shipped them off to an unnamed abandoned airfield somewhere in Europe. Once there, they chose a big, 750,000 square foot space and marked off a massive clock face. After much planning and logistical tinkering, the trucks set off on a twenty-four hour endurance run where they made up the hour hand, minute hand, and sweeping second hand of a giant, diesel-powered clock.

Yesterday morning, Scania started broadcasting the stunt live on their website. They also included a handful of "making of" videos that are part Scania ads and part behind the scenes productions. The trucks did lose a couple seconds throughout the day, but were overall pretty accurate which is amazing considering all the moving parts that went into pulling the truck clock off.

If you have the time (get it?) you should head over to Scania's website and check the videos out. Especially if you like trucks, or clocks, or clocks made of trucks.

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