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Race in a road rally | The List #0035

On this episode of The List, hosts Jessi Combs and Patrick McIntyre compete in The Great Race, a 2,000-mile road rally in which precision, not speed, is the key to victory. The race is a grueling test of endurance, restraint, and the ability to execute rigid instructions under extreme duress. The prize for first place? $50,000. Oh, and did we mention the competitor lineup consists exclusively of vintage cars?

For each leg of the race, the point is not necessarily to come in first, but to arrive at your destination at a very specific, pre-determined time, down to the second. If you arrive at your destination when you're meant to, congratulations, you've aced that leg of the race! To do this, you need to be fantastic at following rules, instructions, and driving at a steady speed.

"I am not good at following rules, I am not good at following instructions, I am not good at driving slow," says Jessi, pondering the requirements for success in the rally. However, regardless of confidence, our hosts set off from San Rafael, CA, in a 1927 Bugatti Type 35B on the first leg of the nine-day journey.

A road trip of this length is difficult in the best of conditions, but being cramped together with another person in a two-seat, topless, slow-moving, 89-year-old car takes a special breed of human. Our hosts are up to the challenge, but the journey isn't without hardships. Will they be able to finish the race? Join us as we drive from California to Illinois to find out on this episode of The List!

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