Kitten rescued from busy Russian freeway by heroic driver

Update: The video has been removed by the user.

Video of a man in Russia scooping up a tiny, terrified kitten from a busy freeway in Kaliningrad has gone viral with feline fanatics around the globe. The video of the tiny animal flopping in the middle of a busy lane of traffic is enough to give anyone a heart attack. According to the Russian news agency, daring driver Denis Degtyarev had to loop back around and thru traffic to pick up the kitten. reported that a heartless individual dropped the extremely young kitten from a moving car. The kitten rolled into traffic, narrowly avoiding the unfeeling tires of several vehicles, before Degtyarev was able to rescue it. He found the kitten in surprisingly good health, if somewhat bewildered. Degtyarev took the kitten to his children's sports practice, where it went home with a new loving family.

This isn't the first time a driver has helped out a kitten in distress. In Texas a motorcyclist snatched an orange kitten from a busy intersection last year. However, kittens are more likely to be found inside of your car, rather than on the road. Especially during the spring and fall months when weather is transitioning and small animals are looking for warm nooks and crannies. Kittens can get so stuck in a vehicle that they need to be cut out, like when this driver sacrificed his beloved truck's body to save a little life. To avoid trapping kittens in cars, give the horn a few good blasts before starting up a vehicle. The sudden noise should flush out any stowaways.

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