DeLorean driver breaks law, claims to be law-abiding citizen

An English DeLorean enthusiast was clocked doing 89 mph by police earlier this month and went to court to fight the charges.

According to The Telegraph, Nigel Mills was on his way to work when a local traffic cop clocked him at 89 mph on the A12 near Margaretting in Chelmsford, Essex. Mills, incensed both at not achieving time travel and getting in trouble for breaking the law, decided to fight the ticket. His hearing, held at Chelmsford Magistrates' Court, was thrown out on September 14 due to lack of prosecutorial evidence. After the hearing, Mills made a statement to the Telegraph clarifying his views on speeding and English law.

"I was being prosecuted for going 89mph in a DeLorean, wasn't something special meant to happen at 88mph? I can honestly say I wasn't trying to time travel. It was at 11am on Sunday and the road was completely clear."

Mills then went on to say that he decided to fight the ticket because a group of Travelers had set up camp in the parking lot of the company he owns, a company called ARC angel that manufactures in-home monitoring systems for the ill and elderly.

"I was fed up, like most motorists, of being a law-abiding citizen but a soft target for the traffic police," Mills said. "When I saw the travellers in the car park when I'm working on a Sunday it made me quite incensed. I'm a guy who pays his taxes and sticks to the law, but I'm stuck at work with travelers in the car park and the police won't touch them. Why should I pay this speeding fine while they would get away with it? I'm pleased at the result, but I wish that the police could do a better job when it comes to real crimes against people."

"The procedural issue here is regrettable, however Essex Police wants to make it clear we do not tolerate excessive speeds or poor driving on our roads," said a spokesman for the Essex Police. "We take the issue of poor driving very seriously and dealt with 113 people for driving offences on the A12 in July alone."

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