Note: There were some technical difficulties that prevented some of you from downloading this week's podcast. The player and link below should be working now, and the file has reached iTunes and other feeds as well. Thanks to everyone who wrote in to let us know of the issues!

On the podcast this week, we have some questions for Ford Chief Engineer Carl Widman. Plus, Associate Editor Reese Counts joins Mike Austin to talk about the latest news, most notably the spy photos of the upcoming mid-engine Corvette. We also chat about the Jaguar F-Type Coupe, the Nissan Armada, and why 0-60 mph is a stupid performance figure. And, of course, we get into some Spend My Money advice, telling strangers what car to buy. And new this week is a cost-no-object what-cars-would-you-buy game.

The rundown is below. And don't forget to send us your questions, money-spend or otherwise, to podcast at autoblog dot com.

Autoblog Podcast #488

Topics and stories we mention Rundown
  • Intro - 00:00
  • The news - 03:30
  • What we've been driving - 16:20
  • Carl Widman - 26:44
  • Spend my money - 37:03
  • New fun game - 51:48
  • 0–60 mph is overrated - 56:50
Total Duration: 1:04:57

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