Opel tries to sell more station wagons with free underwear

We've seen some strange advertising campaigns, but this one from Opel is bizarre on a whole other level. Apparently the German automaker has determined that a reported decline in testosterone in Denmark is preventing potential station wagon sales in the country. The solution? New underwear.

The German automaker explains that low testosterone can lead to lower confidence and sex drive, which can then lead to "desperate" decisions such as buying a flashy sportscar instead of something practical. That's clearly bad for wagon sales, so the company had to do something. Rather than making a wagon that's more sportscar-esque, the company developed a special line of underwear designed to increase testosterone.

The line of underwear is called Ride Comfortably by Opel: The Astra Sports Tourer Collection. Opel says the product is well-ventilated and has materials that are comfortable for men of all shapes and sizes. Apparently, keeping things cool and comfortable is important for testosterone production. Since the company is dealing with low-confidence individuals, it also tried to make the underwear look good by hiring "Danish lingerie experts" to design the not-so-tighty-whiteys.

The undie designers were apparently inspired by German car design, and the fly is "inspired by the lines in all of Opel's car models, in order to ensure easy access to the man's manhood." While we understand the desire to link the brand, that part could backfire. We're not sure people want to think of men's private zones every time they see an Opel.

Men in Denmark interested in taking Opel up on the offer can get a free pair at If Opel does see an increase in wagon sales, we may have to ask GM to introduce the product here, too. Maybe we'd see more people looking for station wagons. Or at the very least people may have the confidence to drive something other than a crossover.

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