This is why you can't just walk around on the Nürburgring

If you have to get out of your car, get off the track as soon as possible.

One of the crucial rules at the Nürburgring Nordschleife's Touristenfahrt driving days is that you simply do not go walking around the track surface while there are other cars coming. A British driver got a very effective reminder, luckily escaping unscathed.

The video was filmed yesterday at the legendary German track, and as sometimes happens, a blue Ford Focus had either a coolant or oil leak at the Brünnchen corner. The challenging, blind uphill corner is known as the YouTube Corner because it's manned by cameramen who often capture amazing automotive carnage. As the Focus leaks essential, slippery fluids on the track surface, the following vehicles start spinning out, hitting the barriers. The cameraman gets his yellow flag out to warn drivers, and the driver of an E30 M3 decides to help and heads directly to the corner, on foot, to wave his arms on the wrong side of the barrier. A very surprised BMW driver enters the corner, hits the oil patch, slides toward the apex and almost runs the blue-shirted guy over. It's almost a miracle how he manages to scale the wall just in time.

As we know, seeing a yellow flag on the track means you really have to take it easy. But wandering to the apex of a hazardous, slippery corner is almost a guaranteed way to get yourself seriously injured at the very least. And driving around the track with a leaking car can cause fatal accidents.

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