As great as car museums are, the one issue almost every single one has is that the cars are roped off and locked up. Thanks to a new website launched by Citroën, you'll be able to get closer to historic cars than ever before.

The site is called "Citroën Origins" and features about 50 cars spanning from 1919 to present day. Users can select any of the vehicles to take in a 360-degree view of exterior and the interior. The interior view is particularly immersive, allowing the user to look up, down and around. You can even zoom in for a closer look. If you get bored with that, press the car's key on the left of the screen, and you can listen to each car fire up and rev. Many of the cars have other sound recordings too, including turn signals and power windows. Cars from different eras have different background music as well, from ragtime piano for the '20s to synthesizer-rich New Wave for the '80s.

The website isn't without its drawbacks. You can only view the page in French, so if you're looking for technical details, you may have a bit of trouble. Also, some of Citroën's most famous cars, such as the DS and the SM, are curiously absent. However, Citroën says more cars will be added to the site over time. Despite that, there's still plenty here to check out and enjoy, regardless of your primary language. So if you have a bit of time to kill this weekend, why not take a few moments to immerse yourself in some funky French machines?

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