Algocian brings autonomous vehicle technology to your smartphone

Or any camera, really.

Autonomous technology is complex, expensive, and difficult to implement. Vehicles need a huge array of cameras and sensors in order to safely navigate roads sans driver. Driving down costs and complexity is integral to bringing autonomous tech to the roads. Tech startup Algocian is bringing its affordable, machine-learning, motion-sensing technology to any camera, from cars to smartphones.

The technology allows any camera, digital or analog, to have real-time person detection. Using its algorithms, the company claims its system is far more accurate than traditional motion detection and gives far fewer false readings. Visually, the system will highlight moving people, but will ignore traffic. It's meant to give autonomous vehicles a more accurate readout of their surroundings.

Algocian wants to integrate its system into future vehicles, but the company sees potential in using the technology for security systems. Its Artemis I system is available today as a turn-key solution and works without having to connect to the cloud. When the system is online, the machine learning will improve the system's detection. The demo can be found in the iOS App Store.

Processors that power the embedded version of the tech can be purchased for under $5, making it a relatively affordable solution.

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