Ford Mustang vs. Chevy Camaro | Autoblog's Pony Car Shootout

Brute American muscle cars at their best.

It's one of the oldest debates in Detroit: The Ford Mustang vs. the Chevy Camaro. It's been raging since the 1960s on bar stools, drag strips, and in the hearts and minds of enthusiasts everywhere. It's pure automotive passion.

The debate began before we even got on the plane for Willow Springs International Raceway in California. Mustang vs. Camaro. But unlike many car guys, we maintained opened minds. Editor-in-Chief Mike Austin and Senior Editor Greg Migliore are among the few who don't have died-in-the-wool loyalties to either car. It's part of the job, in fact, to stay neutral.

On a sunny morning, we arrived at Willow's Horse Thief Mile, a twisty 1-mile course with plenty of elevation changes and a spectacular view of the surrounding vistas. Our steeds: A red Mustang GT and a blue Camaro SS. Both V8s with six-speed manual transmissions. Two days of comparison ensued. When we weren't driving, we were arguing. Threats were made.

Finally, cooler heads (the producers) prevailed and we reached a verdict. The 2016 Mustang and Camaro are the best they've ever been (do your own comparison here). They're modern, powerful, well-engineered muscle cars. No other country makes something quite like this – and does it this well. Chevy and Ford both win in this sense. Watch the video to see who won our test.

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