Truck crash buries Delaware freeway in blank pennies

Police say this crash just doesn't make cents.

Commuters around New Castle, Delaware got a nasty surprise this morning when they discovered northbound I-95 was closed due to a truck crash that buried the freeway in pennies.

According to ABC6, a tractor trailer hit a Jersey barrier on I-95 northbound near the I-295 interchange in New Castle around 2:00 am. The truck, which was carrying tens of thousands of blank pennies to the United States Mint at Philadelphia, overturned after hitting the barrier and burst into flames. New Castle Police and Delaware State Police arrived to find the truck burning amidst pools of diesel fuel and shiny pennies.

DSP immediately closed all northbound lanes of I-95 and rerouted traffic on to U.S. 13 North and I-295 North, as well as on to local surface streets. The truck driver was treated at the scene for minor injuries, and there are currently no reports as to what led to the crash or if the truck driver will face any charges.

Trucks spilling strange and hilarious cargoes after crashes is a surprisingly common occurrence on America's freeways. Just this year a beer truck overturned on an overpass in Denver spilling twelve packs of MGD all over the freeway below. Then there was the other beer truck that collided with a Frito Lay chip hauler in Miami, and the truck in Mississippi that dumped 40,000 pounds of Popeye's biscuits all over I-59. Way back in 2009, a truck carrying 40,000 pounds of delicious, delicious sausages overturned in Wisconsin, because Wisconsin, and closed southbound I-25 near Holland.

It's not always food, though. Truckloads of bees spread chaos in 2015 and 2014, with the 2014 incident happening not far from where the penny truck crashed this morning.

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