Driving the Panamera and Mike's Rant | Autoblog Podcast #487

This week we cover some recent news like the upcoming Land Rover Discovery, updates to FCA's large car platform (including the Challenger), and talk about water injection. Then we go into what we've been driving - David just finished his time in the Porsche Panamera Turbo and Mike tried the GMC Acadia. And then Mike (who is still uncomfortable writing in the third person) goes on a rant about why automakers shouldn't specify which cars are aimed at women.

The rundown is below. Remember, if you have a car-related question you'd like us to answer or you want questionable buying advice, send a message or a voice memo to podcast at autoblog dot com.

Autoblog Podcast #487

Topics and stories we mention Rundown
  • Intro - 00:00
  • The news - 00:50
  • What we've been driving - 11:30
  • Rant - 30:49
  • Listener's fun car - 35:56
Total Duration: 42:22

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