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Are you interested in what Tesla has to offer, but find online ordering a little too impersonal? Maybe you live in one of the states where Tesla is barred from selling via its direct-to-consumer sales model, or the nearest Tesla Store is simply too far to justify a road trip? Well, perhaps Tesla can come to you, as the electric automaker is taking its Design Studio on an American tour, towed in a trailer behind a Model X.

In its newly launched Tesla Explores campaign, the electric SUV will be hauling a shiny Airstream outfitted with showroom tools and product specialists so you can learn about and order your own Model S or Model X. In the company's own words, "Tesla is hitting the road across North America with our first-ever Tesla mobile Design Studios. Get the complete Tesla experience and design the Model S or Model X of your dreams as our fleet of mobile galleries roams to destinations near and far."

The events also allow fans and potential customers to meet the Model X in the flesh. And while it's unclear how much the mobile Design Studios weigh, the tour even serves to demonstrate the car's towing prowess (the Model X is rated to tow up to 5,000 pounds, depending on configuration), and, less directly, the robustness of charging infrastructure around the country. The sleek Airstream will probably garner some attention of its own, as well.

So far, Tesla has only announced a handful of stops in cities around the US (mostly along the coasts, plus Chicago and Atlanta), but Tesla Explores is being billed as a North American tour, and the dedicated microsite allows you to request a location near you. It would be especially interesting to see what sort of reception the automaker gets in states that have pushed back against local sales.

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