Recharge Wrap-up: Arcimoto SRK Signature Series, one-pedal driving in the Chevy Bolt

Study shows how Zipcar improves campus life.

Arcimoto is preparing to launch its first production SRK electric vehicles. Dubbed the Signature Series, Arcimoto will deliver the limited run of hand-built trikes to customers in order to get feedback ahead of a larger assembly line production run. According to an email from Arcimoto, Signature Series SRKs improve upon the alpha prototypes with an increased battery capacity, a lighter, smoother gearbox, a better ride quality, LED headlights, and carbon fiber body panels. Arcimoto also promises "some exclusive features appropriate for collector's machines." Check out the product teaser video above.

The Chevrolet Bolt's driving modes will allow for one-pedal operation. With progressively stronger regenerative braking in the various selectable modes, drivers will be able to maximize their driving range while minimizing their use of the brake pedal. By driving in Low while using the Regen on Demand paddle on the back of the steering wheel, Chevy engineers say that drivers can add up to five percent of range (GM estimates a driving range of about 200 miles). Chevy warns, though, "One-pedal modes do not eliminate the need to use the brake pedal altogether, especially in emergency situations." Read more in the press release from Chevrolet.

A study from Zipcar and UC Berkeley finds that car sharing reduces the number of personal cars on campus. "Traffic and the lack of parking are growing problems on college and university campuses as student car owners continue to outnumber available parking," says Susan Shaheen, co-director of UC Berkeley's Transportation Sustainability Research Center. According to the study of Zipcar members at North American universities, 30 percent of students who live on campus would have brought their cars to campus if it weren't for the car sharing service. Most members say Zipcar improves quality of life. Grocery shopping, errands, and out-of-town trips are the most popular uses of Zipcar. Read more in the press release from Zipcar, or learn more from the slideshow.

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