In the lead-up to the Mercedes-AMG GT R reveal, the company emphasized the car's connection with the Nurburgring, or the "Green Hell." While we've seen prototypes at full tilt there before, this video gives us our first clear look at the car lapping the infamous racetrack.

This time, the 577-horsepower GT R isn't coated in the bright "Green Hell Magno" paint of the debut car. Rather, it's a simple gloss black that makes the GT R look even more imposing, sort of like Darth Vader's helmet or Batman's cowl.

Surprisingly, the GT R is also a bit muted. It has a nice deep tone, and a bit of popping on the overrun coming into turns, but overall it stays pretty quiet, even at full throttle. We're not complaining though. The GT R looks classy and mean in basic black, and the mellow exhaust note completes the package. Check out the video above to get a better look at the hottest Mercedes sports car available.

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