Report is developing an autonomous car that interacts with emojis

More R2-D2 than HAL 9000.

It seems inevitable that we will soon be sharing the roads with autonomous vehicles, but it's not just other vehicles that our self-driving counterparts need to concern themselves with. Automobiles, pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists all use the same roads. Autonomous startup is working on technology that will help everyone communicate, potentially making our roads safer and more efficient.

According to The Verge,'s co-founder Carol Reiley attended Johns Hopkins University, while her team came from Stanford University. She's bringing her background in machine learning to autonomous vehicle development with the goal of creating a system that can learn behaviors rather than being forced to react to millions and millions of different scenarios.

In addition to the machine learning, is working on a way for autonomous vehicles to communicate with others on the roads. While the system won't actually talk, the company is developing LED signs that use text and emoji-like images to convey messages. The goal is to help simulate a gesture like a simple hand wave that could tell a pedestrian that it is safe to cross the road. Even now, human drivers are limited in the way they communicate with those outside the vehicle. is also working to improve a vehicle's horn function. Reiley said that the horn, because it's limited in volume and direction, is a poor design. More variations could improve the horn's uses and help vehicles communicate better with others.

Correction: Carol Riley never attended Stanford University. Riley attended Johns Hopkins, while her team came from Stanford.

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