Houston area woman stops traffic on busy tollway to save cat

While most cat lovers are not, in fact, crazy cat ladies, a Houston area woman proved the exception to the rule when she rushed into busy traffic to save a wandering stray last week.

According to the Houston Chronicle, an unidentified woman spotted a stray cat wandering through traffic on the Sam Houston Tollway near Westview in West Houston on August, 23. Upon seeing the feline daredevil, she stopped her car dead in the middle of the busy tollway, hopped out, and chased the cat around in an effort to save its life. Using a towel or jacket as a makeshift net, the woman darted after the cat, oblivious to the traffic screeching to a halt all around her and the angry looks and gestures from fellow motorists.

Eventually, an HCTRA Incident Response Team and a Harris County Deputy Constable arrived on the scene and, with their help, the woman finally corralled the cat. Once she had the animal secured, the woman hopped back in her car and traffic resumed its normal pace.

The Harris County Toll Road Authority released tollway surveillance footage of the incident as a safety warning to Houston area motorists.

"It's not safe to be on a major roadway out of your vehicle," Calvin Harvey, the HCTRA Incident Command Administrator told ABC7. "It's better us handling it than someone risking their own lives doing it."

The HCTRA maintains a number of incident response teams trained and equipped to capture animals that have wandered out on to Harris County's various toll roads, and they encourage the public to contact the Incident Response department whenever they spot distressed animals in roadways.

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