Runaway dump truck smashes up vehicles in SoCal traffic

Five people were injured in San Gabriel, California, after a runaway dump truck tore through traffic along a busy city street demolishing eight vehicles in three separate collisions this week.

According to Pasadena Star-News, San Gabriel Police received a call about a hit-and-run incident at Del Mar Avenue and Valley Boulevard just after noon on August 24. Almost immediately, more calls started coming in reporting collisions at San Gabriel and Valley and at New Avenue and Valley Boulevard. As the police mobilized to deal with the situation, a driver named Bryant Sullivan was following the cause of all the chaos–an empty, runaway dump truck.

Sullivan and his passenger were following the truck along Valley Boulevard, filming the incident with a dashcam and providing color commentary on the situation.

"We're following this truck who's just running up on the median," said one of the men in the car. "He just side-swiped a car.

The truck wreaked havoc along Valley Boulevard until it finally stopped after rear-ending a column of vehicles waiting to turn left at Valley and San Gabriel. When SGPD arrived on the scene, they found the truck driver sitting on a nearby bus bench dazed and apparently half-conscious. San Gabriel Police Lieutenant Fabian Valdez told the Star-News that the incident is under investigation, but said that the truck driver likely suffered some kind of medical emergency that led to the crashes.

"He was semiconscious," said Valdez. "Firefighters treated him and transported him to Los Angeles County USC Medical Center."

Thankfully, only four people were injured during the incident. Two were transported to San Gabriel Valley Medical Center, and the remaining two were treated at the scene for minor injuries.

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