A woman from central Kazakhstan is shocked that so many people online would find a problem with her pushing her son in his stroller from a moving car. The video surfaced this week. The mom in the video is only identified as Anastasia from the city of Karaganda, The Sun reported.

The video was shot in a parking lot by a friend of the family. Anastasia can be seen steering both the car and wrangling the stroller with her toddler inside. The pair traveled surprisingly fast along the blacktop. The video made its way to social media where commenters couldn't believe her recklessness. Anastasia for her part was surprised anyone would have a problem with her actions.

"My son liked it a lot, he was laughing all the time. We added some music to the video and I posted it on my page on social media but then someone else reposted it," she said according to the Sun. "I am shocked. I did not expect such attention. I've been portrayed as an idiot but I love my son and would never put him in danger."

But the toddler was definitely in danger. And the police are interested in investigating the incident. "We are checking the video, we will make our decision soon," Police spokesman Bakytzhan Kudiyarov said, according to The Sun.

This is so obviously dangerous that a 'don't try this at home' warning seems redundant. But seriously, don't ever try this at home. Perhaps Volkswagen can ship one of their self-driving stroller prototypes to Anastasia in Kazakhstan so she can walk her son without being behind the wheel.

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